Authors must submit the revised papers through the platform – 

There are four different  ways of joining the VIII International Colloquium on Commerce and City

1 Presentation / Publication of a scientific paper

2 Undergraduate research and design exhibition

3  V Photo competition

4 Talking to the author

Papers will be accepted in English, Portuguese and Spanish according to the templates.



Papers will be accepted in English, Portuguese and Spanish, according to the template (available soon), and must be submitted in full paper format, based on research projects, extension projects, theses, dissertations, and/or technical papers.

Papers should include: (1) abstract with a maximum of 150 words; (2) between 3 and 5 keywords; (3) introduction containing the identification of the problem to be investigated, objectives and methodology; (4) development of the work and main results; (5) references.

Papers should be sent to the e-mail They should be sent in two different files. The first one is a docx file properly identified with the name (authorship), an institution of origin, e-mail, and an indication of the chosen topic. The second one should be a PDF file omitting all the authorship identification for blind review. Both with no more than 3MB each and may not exceed 30,000 characters (without spaces).

Each paper should have a maximum of three authors. When there are more than three authors, the participation of each one in the project and/or in the elaboration of the text must be explained. Works with multiple authors (or groups) must have at least one of them registered for the Colloquium; the same author can be responsible for up to 2 (two) work presentations; in case the same group presents more than one work, the first author must always observe the minimum category ‘Graduate Student’. Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings, as long as they are registered.


The poster exhibition is a modality aimed at undergraduate students, to stimulate their production and encourage new researchers in the theme of the Colloquium. The works may originate from Scientific Initiation research, course work or Undergraduate Conclusion Work linked to the themes of the conference and registered together with the advisor professor.

Submissions will be based on an abstract to be sent to Prof. Clarice Maraschin, at

The abstracts will be selected by the General Coordination; accepted abstracts will be published in the Proceedings, upon registration at the Colloquium. The deadline for sending abstracts, posters and registration are listed in the Colloquium schedule.

Participating undergraduate students must bring a printed poster (according to the poster template) on the first day of the conference to be included in the poster exhibition, and participate in moments of dialogue about the research/work carried out.


The VI Photo Competition is a cultural activity that takes place during the VIII CinCCi, with the theme: THE PLACE OF EXCHANGE AND THE MARKET IMAGE.

The competition aims to encourage a reflective look at the practices of exchange, commerce and consumption, through photographic images. It is aimed at all those lovers and interested in photography. Each participant can compete with up to 02 images, regardless of their registration in the Colloquium.

The images must be sent to Prof. Roberto de Almeida Bottura, in digital format (JPG) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, including a title of no more than 10 words, to the e-mail

The file must contain the name, address and profession of the author. Sending images implies acceptance of the conditions and regulations of the contest, available on the conference’s website. The images will be displayed during the VIII CinCCi without author identification. The definition of the three best images will be made by the participants registered in the Colloquium. The three images that receive the highest total score, according to the regulations, will be the winners. Each author will receive a certificate of participation and the winners will receive award certificates.


For this activity, we invite all participants of the colloquium who have recently published books (from 2020 onwards) on the main theme, or topics of the Colloquium, to participate in this activity. We request interested authors to contact the Organizing Committee, at, sending the data of their work. The General Coordination will organize a session called Talking to the Authors’, respecting the focus of the conference, which will integrate the general program. The works may be sold on-site, under the full responsibility of their respective authors.



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