The aim of the VIII Colloquium is to gather researchers, professionals and students to discuss the tertiary activities (commerce, services and tourism) and their relationship with the territory, given the new challenges imposed by changes in the communication technologies, advances in artificial intelligence and the internet of things.


CINCCI conferences have been held since 2005. Created in the scope of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at USP, in the Laboratory of Commerce and City – LABCOM, Cincci is the only national conference to deal with the relationship between commerce, services and the city in the field of Architecture and Urbanism. The relevance of studies on tertiary activities and the city is manifested, fundamentally, by the function of supply, distribution and consumption of goods and services, by the urban vitality that they promote and by the strengthening of human relations by providing and encouraging the encounters, so desired and valued.


The CINCCI’s have brought together researchers from several public and private universities who are dedicated to the study of this topic, opening opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, always aiming at participation of professionals in this area of ​​knowledge in order to bring academia closer to society. The transdisciplinary character that involves the “commerce and city” colloquiums is evidenced by the increasing participation of researchers and speakers from other areas of knowledge such as geography, tourism, economics, anthropology, urban history, design, administration and marketing, among others. The colloquium has already been held in São Paulo, Uberlândia, Porto Alegre and virtually from Fortaleza, and has received support from institutions such as FAPESP, CNPQ, CAPES, SEBRAE, from the host universities of the conference and from the other universities of origin of the organizing committee.

The proceedings of previous colloquiums and the e-book ‘Tertiary, architecture and the city in the digital age: permanence and transformation’ are available for free access on the LABCOM website: www.labcom.fau.usp.br , and also on the website: www.comercioecidade.com.



I CINCCI – 2005 – São Paulo/ SP

II CINCCI – 2008 – São Paulo/ SP

III CINCCI – 2010 – São Paulo/ SP

IV CINCCI – 2013 – Uberlândia/ MG

V CINCCI – 2016 – São Paulo/ SP

VI CINCCI – 2018 – Porto Alegre/ RS

VII CINCCI – 2020 – Fortaleza/ CE