Main Topics



The accelerated growth of global/mega cities; the increasing consumption of goods, activities, experiences and places; the intense physical and virtual flows; a 24/7 world; the advances of  digital media; changes in the time-space relationship  impose new challenges for urban planners and city managers. Papers on any topic on retail, services and consumption in cities are welcome.

Topics of special interest include:


1.SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ASPECTS ON RETAILING AND CONSUMER SERVICES: history, public space, ethics and citizenship; culture and consumption; exchange, material culture.


2.RETAILING, CONSUMER SERVICES AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT: urban policies; urban planning and  management; urban law;  commercial urbanism, location theories;  geomarketing; urban dynamics, retailing revitalization; commercial resilience,  city center management; real estate developments; urban flows; 24 hours city; smart cities, creative cities, e-commerce.


3-ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN SPACES FOR RETAILING AND CONSUMERS SERVICES: Business architecture, retail spaces and  urban insertion, public markets; main street, department stores; arcades; franchising; shopping centers; outlets; stores and flagship stores, business centers; mixed-use developments, recreational centers; hotels and resorts; museums; community and exhibition centers, vendors; and others.

  1. DESIGN, IMAGES AND SIGNS IN RETAILING AND CONSUMER SERVICES: window shop; visual merchandising; websites; marketing and advertisement; outdoor advertisement and urban design; urban communication; branding, show room; exposition fairs.


  1. TOURISM, PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION OF THE PLACE: tourism and urbanization; Tourism and real estate market; place consumption; tourism and city centers; city marketing; Tourism and urban requalification; tourism and patrimony; urban tourism; mega-events; events and public space; segmented tourism (shopping, business, cultural, etc.); tourism and architecture; thematic architecture; tourism and infrastructure; hospitality industry.


  1. ADVANCES IN RETAILING AND CONSUMERS SERVICES: ECONOMY, MANAGEMENT, TECNOLOGY AND URBAN AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENTS: retailing and services business; food supply; storage and distribution centers, cargo and freight; port logistics; urban hierarchies; mobility; goods delivery.

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